Coloured UV nail gel Subligel 7 ml -sparkling navy

Peggy Sage
Coloured UV nail gel Subligel 7 ml -sparkling navy
Coloured UV nail gel Subligel 7 ml -sparkling navy
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Subligel coloured UV gel - sparkling navy


Super shiny and no sticky residue!
The ultra-glossy Peggy Sage Subligel coloured UV gels can be applied as a finish on gel (or acrylic resin) nail constructions and on natural nails (or short tips), to add a splash of stunning, long-lasting colour. They leave no sticky residue and do not require degreasing or application of finishing gel, saving you lots of time.

polymerization ➁ ✺ *

7 ml

These gels can be used on top of base gel or builder gel: apply a first coat of gel, catalyze ➁ ✺ * (36W lamp) but do not degrease. Then apply a second coat and catalyze. This gel does not need to be degreased and does not require an application of finishing gel. It has a very shiny, non-tacky finish.

*➁ ✺ = 2 minutes UV = 1 minute UV CCFL

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